Rebate Program

It is the District’s intention to promote water conservation by offering incentivessign-33202_150 to its customers who install water conserving appliance and plumbing fixtures. To that end, the District will pay rebates for, but not limited to, replacement of washing machines with certified high efficiency (HE) units which conserve water and energy; ultra low flow toilets; installation of hot water on demand system or point-of-use hot water heater; and by offering plumbing retrofit kits. Payment will be made to the customer by applying a credit to the account or with a check made payable to the customer of record.

TOILET REBATES will be paid on a one-for-one replacement basis for homes built prior to 1993. A maximum of three rebates may be paid at any one address. Qualifying replacements are eligible for a $75.00 rebate. Rebates will only be paid once for a service location.

Low Flush Toilet Example
Low Flush Toilet Example

The District maintains a data base of rebates for the life of the program and it will be consulted before each payment to ensure the District has not already reimbursed a customer at that address. Installation will be confirmed by inspection or presentation of an invoice from a certified plumber reflecting address, date and performance of work. Subsequent owners/occupants will not be paid a second rebate where the District has already paid a rebate. Toilet rebates are available to commercial accounts, however, the three unit limitation associated with residential accounts does not apply. The General Manager can approve up to 50 applications from a single applicant without Board approval. In the event the applicant requests more than 50 rebates in one year, the Board of Directors will be apprised before the rebates are paid so that budget adjustments can be considered. Final action could take up to 60 days and could result in some or all of the payment not being made until the following fiscal year. Click here for Toilet Rebate Form application.

WASHING MACHINE REBATES will only be paid once to a resident residing at a specific address. Qualifying machines are eligible for a $100.00 rebate. If it can be determined that a customer has moved within the District and we have already paid that customer a washing machine rebate, the District will not pay that customer a second rebate. The list found at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) internet web site ( will be used as the basis for determining whether or not a washing machine qualifies for a rebate. Only Tier 3 machines are eligible for rebates.  washing-machine-145144_150As with toilet rebates, the District maintains a data base which will be consulted to ensure duplicate payments are not made. application.  Attach copies of any invoices you have to facilitate the rebate process.  Click here  for Washing Machine Rebate Form application.

HOT WATER ON DEMAND OR installation of a hot water on demand system that is on the appripoint-of-use.  Replacement of a typical hot water heater (a unit installed in the garage serving the whole house) with a tankless hot water system will not qualify for a rebate because it does not result in substantial water saving.  However, it may qualify for a tax rebate on federal income tax if that benefit is reinstated by the federal government.  Contact us at (210) 655-2888 for additional information before making any decision on purchasing one of these devices. electric_demand_water_heat_0_0 Click here for Hot Water-On-Demand Rebate Form application. PLUMBING RETROFIT PROGRAM.  The plumbing retrofit kit consists of low flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and extensive literature promoting water conservation.  The kits will be issued fee of charge to customers.  The recipient will be asked to acknowledge receipt by signing for the kits.