WATER LEAK TEST– Wachs Water Services performed leakage test of the Districts water system in April 2014.  The test included listening with acoustic leak surveyor equipment on all hydrants and strategic main line valves and performing visual and audible inspection of each individual service meter box and service valve using sensitive sound intensifying instruments.  The testing of the water distribution system resulted in finding 5 customer meter leaks.  No determination on which side of the meter the leaks.  These meter leaks were alley locations.  See the entire report from the link below.

April 2014 “Wachs Water Service” Leak Testing  

WATER RIGHTS – The District owns 1625.325 acre feet of Water Rights. That converts to almost 530 million gallons. In the water industry, one acre foot of water is generally considered sufficient to satisfy the demands of three homes. This is the District’s most valuable asset.

PUMPING CAPACITY – The District has four wells that draw water from the Edwards Aquifer. Together, they are capable of pumping 6.5 million gallons of water a day. Our highest usage in a single day since 2001 was 2.4 million gallons.

SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION (SCADA) SYSTEM – The District operates a SCADA System which allows supervisory personnel to monitor and control the operation of its pumps 24/7 from literally any place in the world which has Internet connectivity. It is equipped with an automatic backup power source in the event we experience a power failure.

STORAGE CAPACITY – The District has three storage facilities that can store a total of 1.085 million gallons of water. In the event of a catastrophe resulting in a total loss of electrical power, we could lose the ability to pump water. Our storage facilities can store over one days worth of water.
BOOSTER STATION – The District operates a booster station which is designed to increase water pressure in the higher elevations of the City (northeast quadrant of the City, including WinnBrook Estates) to meet regulatory requirements.

EMERGENCY BACKUP – The District operates two emergency backup systems. The system that supports the Booster Station is under control of the SCADA System and will automatically start and assume the load in the event of a power outage.

WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM – We own and maintain over thirty five miles of water mains and associated equipment. We are responsible for the mains and individual services to the property line.

WASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM – We own and maintain twenty-eight miles of sewer mains and associated equipment. We are responsible for the mains and individual services to the property line.

OFFICE SPACE LEASE AGREEMENT – The Water District offices located in Windcrest City Hall are leased from the City of Windcrest. (see lease agreement here)