Bexar County Water Control & Improvement District #10  was 

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recognized as the “2012 Public Drinking Water System of the Year

by The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. flagwave for web

There are over 7000 public drinking water systems in Texas, so we were honored to receive this recognition.

On December 7 2012, we were also notified that the District has Agendabeen recognized as a SUPERIOR Water System “in view of the high standards of water service made available to the residents of Bexar County WCID 10-Windcrest”. That rating is the result of having back-to-back Comprehensive Compliance Inspections with no discrepancies. And comprehensive it is. They dig into everything from record keeping and administrative procedures, personnel qualifications of the staff, day-to-day operations, water quality standards, to security issues and management of water resources and financial management. You can be confident in the quality of the water and service you are getting and proud of your Water District! And our water rates are still the lowest in the region. In the near future, you will see state authorized signs going up around the City recognizing the achievement.

Bexar County WCID #10 is a governmental agency created by the   Texas State Board of Water Engineers in 1955. It is an independent district that is not aligned under Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, City of Windcrest, San Antonio Water System, or the now defunct Bexar Metropolitan Water District (BexarMet).  Bexar County Water Control and Improvement District provides Water and Sewer service to the Citizens of Windcrest and a small number of San Antonio customers adjacent to Windcrest.  Water and Water & Sewer service for the newly annexed area south of Walzem Rd, located around “Rackspace” is provided by SAWS.

For Emergency Service call (210) 422-4159 and a Technician will return your call.