Assigned Day

You may irrigate with a sprinkler only between midnight and 11:00 am in the morning or 7:00 pm to midnight in the evening. These restrictions apply to newly installed lawns and they apply to soaker hoses used in place of a sprinkler. Hand watering is allowed anytime.

Drip Irrigation

For purposes of stabilizing moisture around a building foundation or to water a vegetable garden or shrubbery may be done at any time.

Non-Commercial Washing

Washing of autos, trucks, trailers, boats and other private equipment may be done only on designated watering days using a hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle or with hand-held bucket. Water must not run off the property into street.

Commercial Washing

Washing of autos, trucks, boats, trailers and other equipment shall be limited to immediate premises of a commercial washing facility equipped with a waterrecycling unit.


May serve water only upon request.

Ornamental Fountains

Fountains or similar structures cannot be operated unless they recycle/reuse water. Potable water cannot be used to make-up lost water.

Make-up Water

For existing private and public swimming pools, hot tubs, and other similar facilities is permitted. Refilling an empty existing pool and filling of new swimming pools and other similar facilities and activation of new sprinkler systems is permitted. Stage I restrictions continue until the EAA announces that Stage I has been advanced to Stage II because the aquifer dropped to or below 650 feet or Stage I has been cancelled because the aquifer has remained above a rolling 10 day average of 660 feet or 30 days.

Bexar County Water Control & Improvement District #10

The District Water Conservation and Critical Period Plan (WC/CPP) restricts water use based on specific levels of the Edwards Aquifer or Comal Springs or San Marcos Springs. Stage I was declared by the Edwards Aquifer Authority after the ten day rolling average water level at well J-17 fell below 660 feet. The Edwards Aquifer Authority imposes the stages at the trigger levels shown at the upper left. If you wish to follow the aquifer and spring levels, they are reported every day in the San Antonio Express – News newspaper on the last page of the sports section. They are also reported on television and radio and the Aqui fer’ s web page,

Local information on watering restrictions specific to Windcrest can be found at and
Remember during Stage I, Landscape Watering is only allowed between Midnight and 11:00 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. to Midnight.

Hand Watering is allowed any time with a hand-held hose or bucket no bigger than five gallons. Water waste is prohibited at all times.
Water waste includes, but is not limited to, allowing water to fall or run off into a gutter, ditch, street or drain; fall or run off onto another person’s property; or failing to repair a controllable leak.

Call 210-655-2888 to report water waste or violation of the District’s WC/CPP. Help keep the Aquifer level above the critical level.

Spring Flow At San Marcos And Comal Springs Take Precedence Over Well J-17 If Flow Rates Fall Below Specified Levels.