Sewer Averaging

Like other Water Districts, Bexar County W.C.I.D. #10 has a procedure called Sewer AveragingThis procedure is used to determine what each customer will be charged on the sewer portion of their water bill for the next year.  Sewer Averaging is conducted every year from November 19th through February 23rd.  During that time period, we are looking at the amount of water used in order to get an idea of what is going down the sewer in the home.  We have to look at the water usage because there is no way to measure sewer.  Once we have calculated that resident’s average usage, this sets the sewer rate charge that customer will pay each month for the next twelve months.  This amount will not change until we go through the Sewer Averaging period again next year.  Here are some suggestions to keep your sewer rate low.

Sprinkler System

Avoid using your sprinkler system during the sewer averaging period.  To help you remember to do this mark your calendar on November 1st to “Shut Sprinkler Off” and then on March 1st “Turn Sprinkler On”.  This will take you through the sewer averaging period and is easier than trying to remember the specific dates of the averaging period.  If you find that your lawn or plants are needing water, hand water the hot spots during this time.  You will use much less water.

Check Your Home For Leaks

Prior to November 19th check for any leaks in your home.  Check ALL faucets, inside and outside.  Check your toilets, water softener (if you have one) and make sure that these are not leaking.  To check to see if you have any leaks, 1) shut of all faucets and make sure that you don’t have appliances (washer, dishwasher, etc) running, 2) go to your meter and watch this for a couple of minutes.  If you notice that the meter indicator (red triangle) is moving this is an indication that you have a leak somewhere.  If you notice something leaking please repair this prior to the averaging period.


During the sewer averaging period you may want to Winterize your pool by putting a cover over it to prevent evaporation.  As adding water or topping off your pool during this time will add to your overall usage.  Any water that you use will be added into your sewer average (causing your rate for the year to be HIGHER).

Water Leak

If in the event you have a water leak during the sewer averaging period, we don’t want you to pay a high sewer rate for the whole year for something that was out of your control. You will need to get the leak repaired.  Once this is repaired you will need to submit documentation that the repair has been completed and fill out the Sewer Adjustment Form.  Submit these to us by email or stop by our office and we will be able to adjust your sewer rate.  Adjustments are determined in three ways.  1)  Your Historical Average, with this we look at your previous sewer averaging periods and average those to give us a Historical Average of our Sewer Rate.  2)  We will look at the two or three months consumption prior to your leak and your consumption two or three months after your leak was fixed.  3) If you do not have that much history we will also consider looking at the City Average.  Once these three categories have been evaluated the District will adjust your sewer rate to the lowest option available.  Please Note:  All sewer adjustments will be evaluated once the Sewer Averaging Period is completed.  Your new sewer rate will be updated on your March 31st bill (due by April 15th).

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